Ever since our foundation, we are committed to give fast and effective reaction to our fresh market and processing partners’ demands. In order to succeed, we continuously improve our changed working methods in breeding:Working method of market-driven vegetable breedingIn our accelerated world, fast changes in consumer demands, technologies, pest and pathogen populations can make varieties/hybrids outdated in very short time. Only a continuous, fast reacting variety breeding can answer to this challenge.

ZKI’s non-GMO vegetable portfolio has always been one of the best of the fresh market and processing industry’s raw materials. We shall continue our breeding with non-GMO methods. We pay special attention to provide inheritable resistance against important diseases. This aim of the breeders is supported by our Pathology Team.
The 1 ha breeding greenhouse opened in 2013 helps achieving our goals. Here we can grow more generations of peppers, peas, cucumbers, watermelons and green beans per year, in 14, separately controlled compartments.


Our company considers seed multiplication as an activity of strategic importance.
Our colleagues, dealing exclusively with organizing and controlling seed production guarantee seeds stock of outstanding quality.
Before packaging and selling, we control also genetic purity of every seed lot, intended to be sold for professional growers.
Locations of seed production can be found worldwide, on the northern and southern hemisphere, in regions most suitable -and particularly pathogen-free- for the given species, considering market timing also.