Hungarian Pepper Day was held the 3rd time in city of Szentes, where ZKI ZRt. participated and exhibited again. There has been a possibility for a personal consultation with our colleagues about our new and even widely-used varieties, in frame of which we could give some ideas to help successful production. This was the 1st large-scale professional event and exhibition, where the paprika varieites of former Kalocsa Paprika Research-Development NGO Ltd. (Fűszerpaprika Kutató-Fejlesztő Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft.) could be seen at booth of ZKI ZRt., because after decision dd. 1st of January, 2014 our company continues the selling and packaging of these varieites in future. In this event a new hot, multi resistant (Xv. and Tm0-2) paprika hybrid was firstly represented, which can be bought under name of Szikra F1.

Among our variety novelties, the most popular ones were the hot (ZKI 9618 F1) and sweet (ZKI 9619 F1) apple shape breds and also our new, high yielding, conic variety (ZKI 0634 F1).

Hirka János
pepper product manager