At ZKI and its legal predecessors, pepper breeding has always been and it is today also of special importance.

Our significant goal is to make it possible for our customers to meet the well-known, tasty Hungarian pepper. Our breeding’s aim is to serve in the first place the Hungarian, but also the export markets with our new, innovative hybrids.

It is important for us to develop varieties which are resistant to viruses and bacteria, this way making possible for professional growers to use the less possible chemicals. Our aim is to fulfill the needs of fresh market and of processing industry as well.

Main variety types of our breeding programme are: white conic, white blocky, kapia, hot pepper, tomato shape and apple shape peppers.

Besides pepper breeding, we find important to follow famous traditions of Hungarian paprika breeding also. Our varieties have excellent nutritive value, being suitable both for preparing paprika powder and for use by the processing industry.